Monday, September 21, 2015

Bucklands (Springwood, NSW) fete finds 19.9.2015

Bucklands Retirement Village is probably the best known of all such communities in the Blue Mountains. Their fete is the biggest and the best! The book section varies from year to year with the best finds usually coming from new arrivals, downsizing their book collection (or accumulation). This year it was wet and the book tables were covered with heavy opaque sheets of plastic. With light rain still falling at 9, it was necessary to lift the plastic and hold with one hand while examining the stock. That wasn't as easy as you might think! Nowadays I (try to) only pick up items that I want to read and usually pass on, or else know I can sell to my friendly local dealer at Wentworth Falls. 

The top three books in the photo I'll read and pass on. The Royal Nay 1921 book will likely enough go to a pal. The 1911 Amy Mack book (not a 1st) needs some investigation. The Sydney street photo was scanned for The Australian People Facebook group. The old textbook on the left, one of those home correspondence volumes - on art - well, it looks like I'll give it a home.

Yes, all books need a home ...

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