Sunday, September 20, 2015

Australian Boys' Annual (1914)

The Australian Boys' Annual was the local market edition of The British Boys' Annual, published 1911-1929. Published firstly by Cassell & Co, later by Amalgamated Press.

The year can usually be determined by the number on the title page, lower left, in this case, "14" meaning 1914.


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  2. Just discovered your magnificent website -- great work!
    I'm trying to research some photocopied pages I have from this edition of Australian Boys Annual -- the one with the '14' on the title page. You suggest this means the volume dates from 1914. But on page 32, "Your editor" encourages readers to enter a competition, and wants to receive entries "not later than March 15, 1924". Might that be a typo? How confident are you that this edition dates from 1914?